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Dear reader,

here is a personal note from me. I’m Bob Schrijver, 43 years old and my lower back has been giving me problems for almost 25 years now.

Lately I’ve been improving so much that I just had to share it!

It’s kinda hard to admit, but I’m a lazy bum when it comes to solving my lower back pain.

Apart from being lazy, errrr laid back, I don’t have pain always.

It comes and goes. Some weeks are okay, and then I lift something the wrong way, or something heavy, or I just put myself in an awkward position, and then I’m back to that incapacitating lower back pain for a few days, until it goes away so I can do something stupid another time.

So actually, the larger part of the time I don’t need to fix anything. It’s just the times in between that are so painfully annoying. And annoyingly painful!

If your lower back problems are like the above, there may yet be hope for you too!

I have figured out a ‘system’ that works for me. And if it works for me, that means it’s easy, not too much work, and with a bit of patience your lower back problems will get much less, and maybe even go away all together.

So this is not an overnight solution for lower back problems. Sincerely, I don’t believe overnight solutions work.

My ‘system’ is a way to get grips on lower back pain in little steps, because big steps, like going to the gym, or buying an expensive machine or get professional treatment, only work temporarily for me:

Usually after seeing a ‘man of medicine’ I was good for a few weeks, and then I would be back to my good old self. Meaning that I enjoy my painless weeks, and sit (lay down) through the days of pain.

Let me guide you through the steps I’ve taken to get in control of my lower back pain. It may very well work for you!

For me to get my lower back pain under control, it took almost a year. For you it should go faster because you can apply my ‘lazy’ tips and tricks right after each other.

I can’t give any promises because it all depends on your current condition, and the strictness with which you apply my super simple ‘system’.

Are you ready to start getting your lower back pain under control?

My whole trick to making this work, is to not go too fast. Otherwise it gets annoying or too much to fit in our busy days.

Do the following points describe you?

  • You are between 30 and 60 years old
  • You have a sitting job
  • Many times you find yourself either hunched over or slid down where you’re ending up on you tail bone and shoulder blades.
  • You don’t exercise (or nothing to write home about anyway)
  • You don’t like doing ‘5 minute’ exercises at home (they usually end up taking 15 minutes or more)
  • You don’t like sitting on the floor for an exercise
  • Preferably your lower back pain goes away by itself (let’s keep realistic though 😉 )
  • If you can have someone telling you what to do, simple step by simple step, to fix that lower back problem, then that would be just awesome!

If the above describes you, then subscribe to my mailing letter. I send out weekly tips with small and easy steps to take to get your lower back problem under control. At least the steps I send to you are the steps that saved my lower back.

Not convinced yet?

Let me explain my results in a short list:

  • I went to a doctor to confirm I didn’t have anything damaged in my lower back. So, that meant all my problems were related to muscles (or the lack thereof).
  • After one month I had my posture greatly improved, but I needed more work on that. It took about 6 months to get the rest of my posture fixed. (80-20 rule in effect!)
  • In my second to fifth month, I found out some really great working stretches. Easy to do and they don’t take much time, and no machinery. Some surprised me, but when you hear the theory behind them, they totally make sense.
  • As soon I had two moments in the day where I was doing my super simple stretches, I added some easy short exercises to strengthen my core. This is Bob style, so the whole goal is to do as little as possible, but keep doing it on a steady basis. I found out that I don’t get a six pack (I gave up on that a long time ago), but I do have a stronger core, and the best part: I didn’t have to go to the gym. I only had to do some small exercises twice daily, which I fit into the routine that I developed for my stretches. It can’t get any easier for lazy, errrr efficient people 🙂
  • After about half a year I started doing some stupid-simple exercises during the day in addition to my morning and evening routines. Super simple stuff like lifting knees and rotating back stuff. With the stronger core, and better posture, these exercises help me to not lock up during the day, especially when I fall back into tail bone-shoulder blade position on my working chair.
  • And that’s it really!

So, super simple, Bob style!

Wanna go Bob-style and improve your lower back pain?

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