Posture Correction Brace

This post is about the Shoulder Posture Brace that I used when I started out combating my lower back problems.

A “Posture Correction Brace” for my upper back…

Does that sound confusing? UPPER back posture that affects LOWER back pain?

I have to write an article on that, because it’s really not that confusing if you think about it. Basically, the upper back affects the lower back.

So when you correct the position of your upper back, the pressure and tension on your lower back improves!

Let’s check out this brace I used:

shoulder posture brace

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Let me be REALLY CLEAR about this brace. I don’t think this is a good thing to wear all day every day!
that being said, I do think this is very good to get you started improving your upper back posture, and it does help to increase your awareness of your bad upper back posture.

Here are my pros and cons regarding this product:

  • Good way to get started with better upper back posture
  • Very helpful in improving your awareness of your posture
  • Helps stretching your frontal muscles that most probably are shortened now
  • No need to be thinking all the time of your shoulder posture
  • lightweight, can be worn under your clothes
  • High quality material. Not flimsy at all


  • There is the risk of you using this as a permanent solution.
  • Using this too much will weaken your muscles
  • In the beginning it can feel uncomfortable to have your frontal muscles stretched all the time

This is a great and affordable product to get you started with improving your shoulder posture.
When starting to use this shoulder posture brace, try using it for limited periods of time. 20 to 30 minutes at a time should help to get you used to the brace, but not let you get sore muscles due to the stretching it actually does.

When your body is used to the new correct posture, try leaving the brace off as often as possible, reminding yourself to keep the correct posture.

I like this product!

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